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Welcome to the heart of the Clos des Jarres vineyard

Le Clos des Jarres vineyard is made up of numerous plots spread out on plateaus between 160 and 200m above sea level within a 3km radius around the estate for an area of ​​approximately 25 hectares.

The vines are between 1 and 80 years old, which allows us to obtain wines that are both fresh and fruity; full of youth, but also powerful and complex; full of wisdom... For Vivien, a single objective motivates his choices throughout the year: to let the vine best express where it comes from and what it feels, which it does through its grapes.

It is in this logic that he has chosen to manage his vines while respecting the rules of Organic and Biodynamic Agriculture.

Healthy and thoughtful cultivation practices.

Since the birth of Le Clos des Jarres, the vineyard has been managed respecting the rules of Organic Farming while going much further. Indeed, for Vivien, the more the vine achieves its own balance, the better its grapes and therefore its wines will be.

Thus, it is with the objective of supporting the plant in its development that he will intervene and not to control it. For this he uses herbal teas and low doses of sulfur and Bordeaux mixture. Furthermore, the principles of Biodynamics seem ideal for improving the life of the soil and the balance of the plant, it is for these reasons that Vivien quickly decided to follow the principles of Biodynamics and to have himself checked and certified by Demeter from the 2016 vintage.

The work of the soil is reasoned in order to control the flora without however wanting to eradicate it, sowings of different cereals and legumes are done in the fall and cover the ground in the spring before being rolled in at the beginning of summer in order to create a mulch which then helps maintain freshness and humidity on the ground during extreme heat. In order to continue to respect the vines and the grapes until harvest, the harvest is carried out manually in small boxes of 13-15kg with sorting directly in the vineyard carried out by the harvesters.

In order to improve biodiversity in and around the plots, each year, between 100 and 200 trees are planted at Le Clos des Jarres. Indeed, whether in hedges, groves or isolated trees, these multiple species of trees and bushes, productive or not, brighten up our landscapes and provide refuge and food for insects, birds and other animals, ever more numerous in and around the estate’s plots.