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In Le Clos des Jarres cellar

The Cellar is a place of serenity where, apart from the harvest period, calm reigns in order to let the wines grow and assert themselves peacefully.

At Le Clos des Jarres, each plot and each grape variety is vinified separately in order to obtain the best from each. The grapes are received at the cellar in crates, destemmed and placed in vats for a few days to a few weeks, tasting the juices and wines will determine the best time to finish the maceration, each vat having a different balance.

Fermentations are carried out by the action of indigenous yeasts (those naturally present on the grapes) which transform the grape sugars into alcohol. Once finished, the yeasts settle at the bottom of the vat or barrels and constitute the lees, then begins the aging which will allow each wine to flourish and refine.

In spring

In spring, once the wines have recovered from winter, the time of blending comes when Vivien seeks the best way to combine these nectars to give birth to the blended wines of Le Clos des Jarres such as Abrensis. It is always a moment of great emotion where each drop of wine imposes its presence. Subsequently, each vintage will have plenty of time to build its character, whether in jars, vats or barrels, while waiting for bottling which will take place in August. Thus, all our wines are lively and full of character, unfiltered, unfined, without oenological products and with minimal doses of sulfur. They will therefore only satisfy you if you give them time to rest and breathe after opening, the ideal being to decant them before tasting.